First Look

Wonder what I’m going to write. For starters I may write up on my everyday things. Though I might post once every two days more or less depending on the availability of the internet at that time.

This weblog officially will be open to public on the 18th, internet permits.

Also I have an idea that, this weblog will be the information source for my fellow coursemates during the remaining 4 semesters.

Few things that I’d like to point out

1. I intend to make this blog as simple and as easy on the eyes as possible. I’m not gonna put “pictures” here some stupid “embed” there. You get the picture.

2. Everything I type now and so forth will be on a strict to know basis. I’m not gonna tell everyone about everything. What am I, an open book?

Thats all for now. I need to get some shuteye ^_^ oyasumi.

[Btw I used Andrei Bilan’s Photoshop Technique for my blog banner. Try and look into them. They’re great.]


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