Well, STARWORLD went and did the Star Wars Saga, airing on Sundays at 10pm. Too bad though, I was really hoping for a Star Wars marathon. The thing is, I watched the 1st episode and one thing I noticed, In theend, the Gungan boss said one word, to end the 1st episode. And that word is “Peace”. It was soo awesome! Well yeah, I do like the CG’s, the battle, but man, PEACE! Two big races, Human and Gungan, are able to unite and fight. Why can’t us? Sometimes I really do wonder bout these things.

I digress. Yesterday I went to Jaya Jusco Equine Park, and guess what I saw. Yeap, webcams. At first I just want to test its capabilities. What the sales promoter said to me made me want to buy it. “This webcam is priced at RM99, AND, you can buy a second webcam for…. RM 27 !!!” Just imagine, 1.3M , 1280X 960, 30fps (Human eyes – 32fps). Yeap, since I have two pc’s, then thats a BIG bargain. Total, RM126, about RM60 each. XD What better way to test my webcam, but to capture some pictures. I think no one knew that I have a BB gun, and so is my bro. here are those BB guns. I have it and you don’t nyaaah =P

M-16 mini BB gunStyer AUG mini BB gun



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