Yoi Otoshi Wo! (よい お年 を!)

あけましておめでとうございます – Happy New Year!
I was just about to have a good weekend setting my downloader on full speed to download anime, then something bad happened… Connection to the world was cut! Via Taiwan? What relevance does Taiwan have for MY connection to the world? Can’t one just connect trough the European mainland? Luckily, after about 4 days, the connection come back ok, at a speed around 7~8 kBps. I could go to 180 kBps, and this speed is really testing my patience. I decided not to download any animes until the severed connection is repaired.

Luckily the 4 days (after last Friday, that is) were spent in Ipoh. I did tell some of my friends that I will sleep through the new year. And I did! heh. Well from the Japanese class that I went last Saturday, apparently, if I was a Japanese, at these time around I’m going to celebrate the coming of age XD Its called Seijin Shiki (成人式) which will be held on the First Monday of January.


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