Yahoo! Mail Beta

Alright, I’ve just tested the so called “new” UI for Yahoo! mail. I’d have to say, I don’t like it that much.


They show us this “visually entertaining” how to’s for the new beta.

UI (User Interface)

Okay, here’s the thing. It always looked as if it’s loadin the contents. With the all too frequent refreshing and reloading of the tabs, etc. It gets on my nerve. Also, since i like to keep all of my mails (500+) it would really be helpful if they make it such a way that they don’t have to load soo much. Also, the way they organize their so-called “mails” not only requires considerable amount of processing power, but kind of a drag (mind the pun). I know that their trying to show “cool” graphics with the cost of processing power, but let me ask you this. Isn’t simple, easy to look, not stuffy UI’s are the best? The best examples can be found at Google Mail (Gmail), Mac OSX, Itunes, etc. These programmes are not only having simplistic UI designs, but those designs help by showing us that “Less is More”


The thing about Yahoo! beta is, that I can’t immediately delete or “mark as read” the second time. The UI “had” to refresh again. Its really annoying when the UI keeps refreshing (Looking like it’s blinking)


If Yahoo! Beta wants to keep their new UI, its ok by me. BUT at least fix those refresh things and also, try to make the notepads and calendars load in the same tab (or windows for anyone not using Firefox browser)


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