I’m Sick (Even though a PS3 is stationed beside my TV)

Well, it started off with a lil itch on the Sunday. Yesterday was the climax, and today is the recovery =| It’s soo hard just to keep one’s level of concentration in class =.= My friend told me to have a few days off for recovery. That is a luxury I could not afford. Anyways I’m on medication right now, using all those “drowsy”type of medicine. Too bad those “drowsy” pills couldn’t make me drop (a tranquilizer perhaps?)

Right now I want to try out some of the PS3’s functionality. I really like it when I can switch on the console with only a press of a button from the SIXAXIS controller XD And Owh man, Resistance: Fall of Man is a very nice game! Greated by INSOMNIAC Inc. (The ones who made Ratchet & Clank and Jakk & Dexter games) Superb graphics I would say. Can’t wait for Armored Core 4. The Japanese version is out, so the region 3 (Yes, region 3 is our region coding) would be out pretty soon. A worthy mention is Final Fantasy III for the DS.

Ah well, tomorrow is revision time for my Japanese class. Lets just hope that my head won’t be too groggy to concentrate.


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