What a tough week…..

Starts on a Tuesday, where we were given 11 questions, and a total of 8+ graphs… luckily I had finished 95% of the work the night before =| On a Wednesday, we were give 8 questions, most of them about X-ray diffraction. The thing is, we were only told to read “briefly” about that subject but the questions asked were seriusly deep =.= That was nothing. We were given 21 questions for crystalline, atomic bonding, crystal lattice and was told to pass it up during the two hour session. OUCH. With no preparation beforehand =.= since 98% of the class, yes, i got the numbers right, couldn’t finish it up in time, it was decided that everyone pass it all up at 1030 on Friday. Impact and Hardness lab report was next. 3 gruelling hours of copy pasting wiki articles =P

I hope I won’t do bad for tomorrows test…. yea, for all who didn’t know, it has been 4+ years that I took up Japanese class. Tomorrows the test for my Advance 6 level. Lets just hope I could memorize the kanji for tomorrow =.= Lack of sleep is eating and draining my life away  =.= I just hope that next week won’t be another hectic week for me. One painfully hard week is too much for little ol’ me.


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