The nice thing about these Mai- series is that they all have nice nomenclatures and fully utilizes their meanings. First off, HiME stands for “Highly-Advanced Materializing Equipment” Here’s a snippet from Wiki;”My-HiME (舞-HiME ) is an anime series created by Sunrise, Inc., which originally premiered across TV Tokyo from September 2004 to March 2005. The show is about HiME, girls able to materialize magical armament and summon powerful beings called Children to battle the monstrous creatures known as Orphans.”

Oh my GOD! The graphics are superb! Animations are smooth! What else can I say? Character designs are unique a little bit towards fanservice, but as they say, when one sees a perfectly nice series, all the little mishaps along the way are considered negligible. Character growth is astounding! From a cheerful , perky girl changes into a deprived, depressed emo machine. A little warning though, this anime (about the whole Mai- series) does not look only on normal boy-girl relationship. Female-female relationship is also included (Which I soo prefer over gays-to each his own I guess). Too bad theres not much blood in this anime. It’s intended to be for teens not mature viewers as in Blood+


First things first, this anime is HEAVY on the emotions. The protagonist will get herself down when one truth emerges. Just when it looked like everything’s going to be fine, another depressing thing emerges and pulls the protagonist down. Well, when one has to fight really hard to defend her HiMe, it’ll do terrible things to them. I won’t spoil much here, so I’m only going to tell you this, there is a very strict bond between the HiME and the ones they’re protecting. The nice thing about Mai-HiME is that it has a happy ending! A very happy ending! I know,I’m the type of person who’d love a good ending usually the ones that end happily)


Mostly located on the school, once in a while at some lab, etc. The locations aren’t available in reality. The environments get messed up in the battles, therefore they’re realistic, unlike some anime whose locations and towns seem to be fine the next day.


The BGM ( background music) for the anime is AWESOME! It figures since the composer of these superb and brilliant songs are non other than Kajiura~sama herself! Douran Shoukan (Natsuki Kruger’s song) is superb.


One of the few MUST HAVE animes in the anime world. Also I wanted to say that whatever it is, WATCH Mai-HiME first before Mai-Otome. I find it entertaining that way (You’ll know then you watch them)


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