I watched all the Mai- series after I finished downloading all of them. Frankly said, I prefer Mai-Otome to Mai-HiME, mostly because it’s much happier. Well, It is preferable that one watches Mai-HiME prior to Mai-Otome because of the character relationship.

Snippet from Wiki;

My-Otome uses characters from My-HiME, but changes their roles and backgrounds to suit the new storyline. The series was originally announced under the working title “舞☆MAiD” (“Mai Star MAiD”). As with My-HiME, the title is a quirky mix of English/Japanese wordplay, intentionally using an irregular romanization of 舞 (mai) as “My”, and 乙HiME also stands for 乙-Type Highly Advance Materializing Equipment


The characters are kawaii with a capital か . The main character, made her debut in Mai-HiME (Watch it again to find her) The characters are the same as Mai-HiME, same relationship and they totally rock!!! XD Animation wise, awesome, no less.


Story wise, it is not as heavy as Mai-HiME, but not light never the less. Can’t say much here because a picture is worth a thousand words but an ANIME is worth 10 googol’s of words (check out how much one googol is). As usual, the anime ends with a nice ending XD


As in My-HiME, locations are not of our earth. Nice environment having the 5 typical locations: desert, sea, canyons, forests, urban, etc.


Nothing much to say but BANZAI Kajiura~sama!


A must watch for anime fans XD nuff said.


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