Exams done : It’s vacation time


So here’s the latest update:


Materials Science : hard

Heat Transfer : I liked it

Transport II : I liked it

Particle Technology : Woah ….

Modelling : yet another Woah …

Separation I : This is on helluva crazy paper O_o


here’s the story:

One day, once all the tests are over, One bloke tried to attempt AGAIN to install linux, this time, trying to install Kubuntu ( pronounced koo-boon-too ) on his system. He thought that if he just make one partition a FAT32 system and assumed that the linux will install on that partition. My, my, he thought wrong… the linux actually cut off the windows partition (c:\) into 10Gb and made some new so called “ext3″ partitions. He knew that the thing would shrink windows partition so it didn’t bother him. The thing is, while he tried to install that Kubuntu, the thing encountered an error and won’t continue installing past 85%. He said then, ” ok, mission failed, so lets return everything to its original state, without linux”. So he then did the first thing in his mind: deleting that partition thing. The moment he deleted it, poof! all 6 partition ( anime01 -> anime 06) disappeared. He got the shock of his life! Well, he got over it and finally, after a few rationalized thinking, he the searched the web for some “partition recover” softwares. Happily he found some working ones and started to use those programs and managed to recover the lost files. It came with a heavy cost… 20+ DVD+R ‘s were used. He then thought, “hmm… might as well i get a new HDD since i’m installing a new windows (AGAIN)” So , on the next day he decided that he’ll buy a new sata hdd before his 2pm Japanese class. he thought that a hdd 250GB would cost him RM250. so he prepared RM300 just in case. When he went to his favourite hardware shop in Pyramid, and to his surprise, the owner had a 320gb sata hdd for onlyRM310. He immediately bought it and continued his Japanese class and then went back home , continued his data file backup, and fixed his new hdd in. When he finished installing windows, another problem occurred, WINDOWS apparently only allow certain number of windows activation. which soo pissed him off. Its not his fault some people had to reinstall windows multiple times. He then tried using the telephone method to activate Windows. And yes, he could finally activate windows with the help of the customer service operator. Heres one for WINDOWS! You’re awesome! Right now that fella is downloading :

Lucky Star 4 | D.Gray man 30 | Nodame cantabile 12, 13

New PC Specs

total space on PC : 320Gb + 160Gb = 480Gb


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