It just HAD to happen, huh?

Idols who are created are supposed to have superb talent, and not just by being good looking. I’m disappointed with BOTH America Idol and Akedemi Fantasia. Not at the shows, but at the voters. Seriously,  for  both cases;

America Idol

Melinda Doolittle and Blake Lewis should have made it through to the finals. Jordin IMHO is not THAT good of a singer. I watched American Idol SINCE the auditions, and yes, I’ve seen both Doolittle and Blake’s audition, not to mention Jordin’s . I had hoped that the two finalist would be Doolittle and Blake. But no… IT had to happen. Audience voted for the good looking ones first before talent. For shame.

Akedemi Fantasia

This reality series is a lost cause the moment it started airing its 5th season. Chosen candidates or “Students” are nothing more than good looking no talent groups. Come on, Maestro, don’t give me that shit about good looking will attract stupid no brained audience into buying your products. Do it for the sake of the music industry itself. SOMEONE has to start and Akedemi Fantasia WAS the ideal platform to do so. What a shame that voters only find good looking lovable persona’s instead of talented singers who deserved to be praised. Idiotic voters, you WON’T be able to see your “good-looking” artist when you’re LISTENING to their CD’s. Malaysia’s Music Industry has a loong way to go. Alas, there is still hope. The first Malaysian Idol gave birth to a persona that was decided/created because of her talent. yes. Jacqueline Victor ( hope I spelled her name correctly ) is a truly talented singer. Learn from her.

In Short, due to Doolittle’s demise in front of  idiotic voters, I just hope that at least, Blake Lewis whom I voted would get what he deserved. I didn’t say that he must win, since I know the winner is supposed to be Melinda Doolittle from Nashville. Over and out.


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