D.Gray-man – 58, Sketchbook ~full Color’S~ – 07, Baccano! – 13 [Final] is out

3 releases in one day. Thats awesome!

Fansubber: Black-Order

D.Gray-man –  58

Seeing that I’m only at around episode 30 at the moment, can’t say much yet. I’ll review it when i get to it

Fansubber: Ayu

Baccano! – 13

I’m at episode 6 at the moment. Kinda like the whole messed up mashed up plot lines. Will be reviewing the series later

Fansubber: Spoon-Subs

Sketchbook ~full Color’S~ – 07Watched the first episode, and got interested, will be watching up till current episode (07) soon.


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