Why are we like this? And by we, I mean other people.

Ugh, I hate our 3rd mentality.

Why do people just cross the roads without thinking about their safety?

Why do people just break the laws stated on the park notice? They break every single rule, they ride their bicycles and motorcycles, they smoke and they bring their pet dogs.

I was waiting at the Kelana Jaya swimming pool parking lot the other day, and I saw a guy who just came in the parking lot in his car. The first thing he went out to do is, throw 2 bottle out on the grass, next to the parking lot. What a prick. He could’ve just taken 17 steps to the nearest recycle bin. Yes, folks, there was a recycle bin in plain sight, but NOoooooo, he just had to pollute my world, the world I LIVE in!!!! ugh, Disgusting!!! If I had magic (this is extremely childish of me to think in such a way), I’d turn him into a recycling bin.

And that’s not the end of it, I hate when my fellow countrymen ride their motorcycles anyway they like. Like they own the road. Motorcycles are good vehicles, they’re fast, they’re cheap, and they’re especially useful for those with low wages. But, like all things good that are misused, the motorcycle, or more commonly known as bikes, are extremely annoying when it is ridden by idiots. They just have to use the bike on the wrong side of the road, just as long as they feel it is convenient. I guess it is kinda okay if the streets were totally empty (although it is still illegal). But again, these idiots just have to sacrifice their lives and go against the flow of cars. If I didn’t have Jedi senses, I swear I could’ve banged into them stupid riders.

So, I just wanna share one more thing that upsets me about the Malaysian people. Actually it’s some people I know. I call them friends, but they’re more like my acquaintances. The thing is, I am overweight, I realize that. It’s one thing calling me fat and making fun of me, I can still cope with that (actually, nope, I can’t). But it’s another thing to comment on the food I eat. I don’t get it. How stupid can they be? I’ve lost at least 10 kilos doing things the way I do. I’m not doing any crazy diets or anything, it’s just that I watch my portions. But these so called friends, they’ll look at my food and say “you’re not going to be full eating that”. This happened on last Tuesday, I ate some raw almonds, and my friends were eating fried banana fritters. And they told me that almonds were not gonna make me feel full. So what if they’re not? I just want them to mind their own business.

I just want other people to be considerate. Be a human being, Respect each other? We’ve learned this in school? Is it just too much to ask them to at least apply it to themselves?????


One Response to “Why are we like this? And by we, I mean other people.”

  1. Woah! who the heck it that so-called “friend” of yours? Nono, getting angry of such stupid things will only make myself stoop to their level.

    All in all I can say is that these people don’t appreciate what they we given. The opportunities were there with a big sign, “Chance to gain a better life”. These people never actually even stop to THINK before they did something wrong.

    Even just now when I was driving out to Parade for dinner ( it was raining that time) I saw two, not one, two females crossing the road RIGHT UNDER the pedestrian bridge. They could have the shelter from rain PLUS it’s safer!! As been said earlier, these people never even tried to use their tiny little brains to THINK before they act.

    Note to drivers: “It is a LEGAL duty for one to NOT cause an accident
    Though that being said, I really don’t think that I could hold that up as I’m not the one starting the whole mess.

    These type of people only learn when they fall. Which is bad for road accidents because they won’t live to repeat their mistake, hence unable to learn from it. They live stupid, and die much more stupid.

    I really wished that the mentality of these people would change ( won’t happen in another 10-20 years) These anarchist way of life have got to stop. What I know is that civilization moves in a circle,

    start -> grow -> become powerful -> get corrupted -> war -> destruction -> rinse and repeat

    Grow up humans! don’t make these trends repeat. End this cycle!

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