Pumpkin No Tsukaima!?

I kid, I kid! I’m gonna review both Pumpkin Scissors and Zero No Tsukaima.

Pumpkin Scissors [24 episodes]

Woot! nice anime, perfectly executed. Sequel (Season 2) is on its way. This anime, (though late in the review) is and CAN be considered among the GOOD class of animes (I’ve been seeing lame ones lately – ahem ahem, ef, ehem, Nanoha,ehem) Okay, they’re not bad too, but not that good (the ehems, I mean)

Pumpkin Scissors portrays stories of the aftermath of wars, recovery from a military controlled government to a normal government. You know, when wars occur, they’re bound to be you know, hidden investigations, hidden “special” units and all that pish posh. The same thing is being told in Pumpkin Scissors. Also, I’m feeling a hint of Nobility V Commoners as also being repeated over the course of our own history (i.e. Russian Tsars, etc)

Pumpkin Scissors is set at sometime around our “World War I”~ish era. Good scenery, having almost all those common five types of terrain (city, sewers/dungeons,  snowy mountainous region, forest, no desert scenery I think)

Animation wise, it has good, solid animation where the motion as fluid (lifelike) though couldn’t match up with animes like Black Lagoon, Ghost in The Shell, APPLESEED, Seirei no Moribito (which reminds me, I need to review Seirei too)

In a way, all 24 episodes only covers 5 volumes of the manga, and a sequel is on its way.


5 Star

Zero no Tsukaima [13 episodes] & Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi [12 episodes]

Though not an EPIC, like some animes (ehem, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) This anime is not without its charm (fan service more likely) An overall pleasurable anime for the light viewer (viewer discretion is advised) Its a story about how a mage who never ever made a perfectly successful magic cast would suddenly summon a human from “our world” as a familiar (summoned monster) To know more, watch the anime.

More or less, having the basic sceneries, except desert though. Animation is okay, but most of the animation are for “boobs” which rather annoys me after a while. This anime should/must have a 3rd season (maybe even 4th) since it stopped halfway in the 2nd season with much to tell.


4 Star


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