Owh MAI GOD! 7 release in one day!?

first off,

Bleach – 152

Fansubber: Dattebayo

Ichigo pwns doninaro thingy!


5 Star

Minami-ke – 10

Fansubber: Ayako

Woot! The return of Mako~chan! Touma appears! Funny and superb! Been waiting for these XD


5 Star

Dragonaut: The Resonance – 11

Fansubber: Infinite-Zero

When will the plot twist end?? Don’t make up new problems/adversary without ending the last! That traitor Nanami looked cute in Gillard uniform though. Now I wonder where i can get UTENA.


3 1/2 star

Ef ~ A Tale of Memories – 10

Fansubber: Mendoi & Conclave Fansubs

2 more episodes to go! I’ll watch this anime WHEN I’m free/bored.

Myself; Yourself – 11

Fansubber: m.3.3.w

Not bad, but not good either. Chiyo~chan’s (Azumanga Daioh) seiyuu characterin this anime has OPPAI =O. The h.264 version is not out yet. most probably tomorrow.

Denno Coil – 23

Fansubber: Ureshii

Waiting for this one to finish before watching it.

Mythbusters Season 5 – 25

Still downloading the episode. Will be reviewed tomorrow. Discovery Channel SEA’s release of Mythbuster is soo slow it hurts. They still haven’t shown the Supersized episode of Mythbuster (Which I’ve watched)


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