Shigofumi – 08


Firstly I’d like to congratulate Tomorō Yuzawa for his creation, Shigofumi. This anime by far has the BEST plotline. I really liked from start to now, its execution, art, and storyline. This episode peaked my interest. Kaname jumps onto Mikawa after Fumika was shot by him. This episode tells of how everything started. Fumika, during childhood was pampered by Mikawa up to a point, He abuses her. When Fumika was abused, another personality of hers was created, namely Mika, and Fumika (called Fumi by Mika) acknowleged Mika’s presence. One day, when Fumi was abused, Mika couldn’t take it any longer, took control of Fumi and shot Mikawa. She then reverts herself to Fumi, shocked at what happened, and went into a coma.  When that happened, Mika was separated from Fumi, and became a shigofumi who covers the district where Fumi is hospitalized. Now Natsuka and Kaname both volunteered to join with Mika with her wait for Fumika to recover.


5 Star


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